About Paraguay

Due to its geopolitical unimportance, Paraguay is considered a safe haven for people who fear political instabilities in western world countries. The main three pillars are energy, drinking water and food self-sufficiency, but there is more to it!

Electricity - Itaipú Dam

The Itaipú Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River located at the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Its hydroelectric power plant ranks second worldwide in production, currently providing Paraguay with extremely cheap electricity prices of 6 cents per kWh.

Drinking Water - Guaraní Aquifer

The "Guaraní Aquifer" lies beneath Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This underground freshwater reservoir could supply all 8 billion humans for 200 years with water. If only drinking water were taken, then each person could receive 9 liters of water per day for over 1000 years.

Food - Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in Paraguay: 39 percent of the population works in the agricultural sector, which contributes 24.9 percent to the gross domestic product. The main crops are soybeans, cassava, sugarcane and cereals.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Paraguay is among the lowest in South America. You can comfortably live on $800 a month, which covers all costs including the rent for a modern apartment. Fibre optic internet with up to 500 Mbps is available in all major cities.

Sunny Climate

Paraguay has a beautiful climate, with more than 300 sunny days per year. Even during the winter, it is possible to take a swim on some days.

Modern Healthcare

There is no obligation to have health insurance in Paraguay. If you feel a need for security, private health insurance grants you access to the best private hospitals in the country for about $200 a month.


Paraguay is part of MERCOSUR, a trade bloc between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In practice, this means you can easily pass the border to these countries by just showing your paraguayan Cedula.

Low Taxes

Paraguay's tax rate amounts to 10% for all common taxes - income tax, VAT and capital gains tax. It should be noted that taxes only apply for income generated in Paraguay. Income streams from outside the country are tax free.

Gun Laws

Most types of guns can be purchased legally, possessed and used on private property in Paraguay with an easy to obtain firearm license.